The general production process of color box production

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2022-12-07 10:12

Step 1: Design

This stage is mainly by you and the designer and printing plant to coordinate to complete, first by you according to their own requirements and advertising companies, or their own internal designers, design good packaging printing documents, and complete the selection of packaging materials.

2. Film

The design document will be sent to our printing house, and our printing house and film company will produce the film.

Step 3 Print

After we get the film, we determine the printing according to the size of the film, the thickness of the paper and the color of the printing.

5. Appearance treatment of printed matter

This appearance treatment is mainly to beautify the surface, coated, bronzing, UV, oil polishing and so on.

Step 6 Form

Use mechanical, knife die. Make the color box die cut, the formation of the basic style of the color box.

7. Sticky box

It is to glue the parts of the color box that need to be fixed and connected according to the sample or design style.

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